Our 35 years of experience in residential construction is there to give you peace of mind. It also gives us the edge over our less experienced competitors, when it comes to renovations and extensions. There is very little that surprises us as we go about the business of pulling apart existing homes, and then creating something really special to add onto them. Our focus is to listen to what you want, then to spend the time to examine and understand the existing building with all it’s facets - structurally, the style and design. We then set about designing and building new works that seamlessly blend with the old, in the most cost effective way possible to meet your needs. Colonial or contemporary, and most often a blend of the two that brings together all the positives of new builds, whilst keeping the character and style of the old. We just simply love doing this type of work and have the experience and knowledge to give you the very best of both worlds. Why not give Ross a call and see what we can do for you!?