Rifle Range Rd

Dear Ross Sandy &Michael

We wish to congratulate you guys of Ross Turner Building for winning the Master Builders Award for     Renovation of the year 2012 with our property at Rifle Range Rd Toowoomba.

This renovation will be my seventh property renovation, the largest , most comprehensive, most expensive, I have every under taken. With out the wonderful professional workman ship of Ross and the boys we would have never ended up with this fantastic home in which we now live.

This workman ship was portrayed in every aspect of the job, from the demolition of the old internal walls to the erection of the new extension. Nothing was ever a problem, even when a door way was put in and we needed to shift it to another position ‘twice,’ this was done for the benefit of the out come of the whole job.

The communication between Ross, Sandy, Michael and us was nothing short of amazing.  We would throw in many different ideas of how we could do something different in the building, they not only could see what we were trying to achieve but come up with a better or cheaper alternative  for the best outcome for the whole project.

For me the most outstanding factor on the job was     that if Ross said that a tradesman or contractor would be     there on a certain day or time they would all ways be there on time and happy to help. This has never happened on any of our other renovations using other builders.

Congratulation again to Ross Turner for winning this most prestigious award Renovation of the Year 2012. The building was finished ahead of time and right on budget.

They are truly,
“Master Builders”

Yours sincerely With Thanks